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Bliss arrived today!

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You will love the Bliss! We do kindly ask for the old parts from your machine back if possible. As you all know from reading this Forum, APQS machines just keep on going, and going, and going. Sometimes they pass from one generation to the next, from one quilter to another. In fact, to my knowledge, we have never "junked" a machine...eve those with serial numbers in the "100's" are still out there quilting up a storm.

The "rescued" parts that are no longer needed by a customer when she installs Bliss (and would most likely end up in a drawer unused and forgotten, or in the garbage) helps us to have the spare parts to repair older machines when they come back for a spa treatment.

Let me know if you have any difficulty installing the Bliss today!

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The install went OK, but the rear steel wheel makes a clicking noise upon each rotation. Exactly at the same spot...and it gets louder the more weight of the machine head is placed near the rear axel.

What I mean is the sound isn't as bad when the machine is to the front, but it is very noticable when the machine head is around the middle to the rear of the carriage....

What now? I called and left a message...

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Congratulations Vic, I am happy for you. I do love my Bliss!

I haven't had time to run my machine a lot yet but the few times I have I was really pleased. I am having a problem with the stop, wants to keep running no matter what buttons I push but it's probably just the human not the machine. I hope to try it out by the weekend to see which it really is. :)

Again Congratulations!!!!

P.S. Looking forward to a local longarm guild.

Happy Quilting


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