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Kay - we are getting settled in. As soon as the studio is up and running, I'll post some pics.

Myrna - I have met several longarmers. I've met several Gammill owners, but no APQS owners. I am planning on attending the Modern Quilt Guild's meeting tomorrow night, so maybe there'll be some there. Vegas has given the me the opportunity to discontinue all asthma meds, and once it gets a little cooler, I plan on returning to bike riding. I've been exercising (sometimes only relaxing) in the pool almost every evening. I haven't been able to do much of anything outside for a long time with my allergies and asthma, so I'm excited to be able to do walking, biking, hiking, swimming, and be out in the yard.

I hope to see both of you at MQS in Wichita in 2013!

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I'm an officer in the LVMQG...we would love to have you come to our meeting. Bring something to show and tell that shows off your quilting as we always have people looking for longarmers...

We also have a and we chat about what is coming up (like a sew-in at Thurs meeting)...and challenges! In Sept. we are starting a challenge and Camille Roskelley (Bonnie and Camille) will be the judge!! ;-)

Hope to see you there...

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Hi everyone. I happened to stumble upon this BB and this recent line of posts about a longarm/machine quilting guild. We were discussing this very same thing today in Pahrump. Is anything finalized? Do you have a meeting place, day, or time? There are many of us out here in Pahrump who either have longarms or are quilting with our domestic machines. If you'd like, please email or call me and let me know if it would be possible to "hook up" with those of you there over the hump. Maybe we can join up out here in Pahrump? Either way, me thinks it'd be a blast!

gdcleanfun at gmail dot com

or call me at 775 dash 910 dash 2355 from 9 to 9.


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Hey ladies did you know about the classes being offered in St. George in Sept. I have 2 classes scheduled with Marilyn Badger on the long arm and they are also having long arm classes with Pam Clerk and Cory Allender. They can be found at or call Lets Quilt in St George. They are in conjunction with the Utah State Quilt Guild Classes and quilt show. I think I overbooked myself but oh well. Hopefully the construction in the gorge wont be too bad. I will be traveling from Mesquite daily.


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