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Just wondering -

I'm doing a panto - pretty extensive one - and went to change the bobbin - it seemed overly warm to me. Even the housing felt warm. (not hot - but warmer than I've ever felt it to be)

Been making a grating noise for a while now but ran and stitched fine. It sounds like there is something loose in the bobbin case housing. Hook seems to be fine -

Noise will quiet down after oiling and cleaning (wd 40) - but within one or two bobbins it is back again.

Got any ideas as to what it is? Think it is ok to use? Should I slow down? Should I call the fire department? (JK JK)

Thanks for your help

Shirley J.

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Sometimes I have to put a drop of oil after every bobbin change and other times maybe every 4 or 5. Move your machine to the end of the table, Oil the hook and spin the hook a little then I wipe the hook to get any drop that may be lurking> GOOD LUCK

BTW the bobbin will rattle when the thread is getting to the end!!! I know you knew that already! ;)

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Originally posted by sewbee

Repacking the grease???? I didn't know about that!

I have a Freedom. So far I've been totally in love with him. I just don't want anything to happen to him. I'll call tomorrow and maybe after 18 months of hard work - he does need to be repacked. (I wonder what that involves)

If the noise is caused by the need for repacking it isn't going to cause any damage. The repacking is just to cure the noise and I don't think that it is a big deal to do.

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My Freedom sounded like a vibration that got louder the faster I sewed. We repacked the grease.. be sure to get the air bubbles out--if you think you have them out--stir more!! I learned from experience. My dh didn't stir enough. It runs great and sounds great. Easy fix. Amy told me it doesn't hurt to run it noisy. The gears will be fine just a little noisy.

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I am kind of a "listening" person. (my first machine didn't have a stitch reg. on it) I got in a habit of listening to the sounds it was making. Yes it seems like it is a vibration thing. I just have to keep telling myself Squiggy (the machine) is ok. I just don't want him to "hurt" ... I love him so much!

Thanks everyone!

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