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M sized bobbin

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I am about to place my order for a Millie and have opted for a big bobbin. Before I send the money, I would be interested to hear people's views on it who have it. All the APQS literature is very big into promoting the smart bobbin but they have obviously provided the M as people were asking for it. Is it as good as they say the smart bobbin is?

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your decision to order the best machine in the world!

The M bobbin is a new offering and most of us have the L bobbin. You may not find anyone here who has tried both on the APQS machines except perhaps a rep or two and the home office people. My point is, you may not get a definitive answer because no one with an L bobbin has used the M's and the newbies with the M's wouldn't know the difference. Well, I wasn't helpful, was I?:D

Maybe Dawn knows of someone who changed to the M's or upgraded their machine and can give an answer.

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Hi Nik, I too wanted to know which was a better option in bobbin size when I was in the process of purchasing my machine. Dawn was very informative in regard to the virtues of both size bobbins. It boiled down to what I felt was going to be better for me and my specific needs. I did initially decide on L size, then thought M would be better from a 'more thread on the bobbin, therefore less changes viewpoint', but after a detailed explanation from Dawn, realized L size would better suit my needs and that's the one I went with.

Not sure if my answer is helpful, but I'm sure from the answers you get to this thread, you will be able to determine which size bobbin will be better suited to your quilting needs. Enjoy your new machine when she arrives!


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