Couple of basic questions for Lucey owners

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I am new to long arm quilting and new to Lucey. After some uncertainty, lots of mistakes I have done my first lap quilt using a panto and my first freehand table runner. I am hooked. However, it seems to me that the machine is very noisy when running in SR mode and I just wanted to confirm this is normal. Stitches look good and it feels good moving along. Also, is there something to set for speed to make sure the bottom tension remains good when moving more quickly through curves. I seem to see a lot more little knots appearing on the sections where I feel like I am moving faster. Cant wait to take my first basic class to get othe questions answered. I have made enough mistakes which is a good way for me to learn!! appreciate this forum!

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It seems to me that you have familiarize yourself with Lucey. The noise, is it chirping? My Millenium does in SR mode which is normal. The knots usually appear when you move very fast on points, try to hesitate a bit, it used to be a problem for me.

Write down your concerns/questions and your 1st Longarm beginner class instructor should be able to answer them.



Corey Starkey

IQ & Bllissed Millennium

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