My new written policy re: donation quilting

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I've been burned recently concerning donation quilting.

Here is my new policy sheet for donation quilting.

"Donation of quilting services cannot be used by the quilter as a business tax deduction--per state and federal law.

Since this offering is a true donation, my name as the quilter must be included on the label of the quilt.

Any media/print/internet advertisement that mentions the maker(s) of the quilt by name must also include my name as the quilter.

Any monies or objects of value collected for this quilt through raffle, auction, outright sale, or barter must go to a verifiable non-profit group.

The possible tax deduction taken by the donor of the quilt must not include the value of the quilting.

Please sign and date below."

Big trouble in Linda-land---but it won't happen again!!:mad:

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Originally posted by Ardelle Kerr

Did someone take advantage of you? Shame on them.....

I'll just share that I will be sending a registered letter tomorrow to a "friend" who did something creative with a quilt I had expected to be in a charity silent auction. The letter contains the words "misrepresentation", "misappropriation of funds", and "small claims court". If I see any cash, I'll donate to the charity it was originally meant to benefit.

"Don't mess with me, I'm somebody's mother. I've taken on much tougher than you." Lyrics from one of my favorite songs!:P

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Guest Linda S

I don't blame you one bit, Linda. I stopped doing QOVs when I realized that some of them were never being sent -- especially when I saw one of them that I did in a show, without any credit to me as the quilter. I've since resumed doing some QOVs, but it's for a group that meets specifically to make quilts for the soldiers and I trust these women very much. Sorry to hear you also had a bad experience. Go get 'em.

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Some people just can't help themselves can they? I am glad that you are sending out a letter...

You are generous to donate your quilting time, I have only ever discounted my time a little for charity quilts, although I did have a QOV quilt bought to me and they expected me to quilt it for free - it is not that common over here in the UK to have a QOV quilt but a UK branch does exist I believe. Anyway she would have had a 15% discount for her first quilt with me so I just gave a 20% discount, quilted a very quick panto over it, although I have to say there was never any "proof" it was a QOV quilt

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I would also add that the request donation is in writing with the IRS determination letter, in x amount of time before the quilting is needed and you limit your donations to x many a year. or Donation requests need to be in by x date and quilted during x time --what ever slow time you have. although you can deduct your time you can deduct thread and any other costs like the cost of the machine during that time. talk to your accountant about that. I would get an receipt for your donation as well, with the value of the quilting on it.

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That's really an outrage! I like and admire how you are taking control of the matter in such a professional way.

I was almost "suckered" by a Guild member when I first started my business.

1) She wanted to help me out.

2) She said she had a few "donation" quilts that she would let me practice on.

3) She had one with her, hoping to give it to me at the meeting.

I told her I appreciated the opportunity, but I had a pile of my own quilts that I would be practicing on, plus I had my LA for 2 years prior to starting the business. Then I found out that her "donation" quilts were made from fabric that people "donated" to her, then the quilting would be "donated" to her, and then she would "donate" the quilt(s) to her friends/family wrapped in birthday paper. What a wonderful gift! I was appalled by her blatant deception.

I overheard her thanking a newer LA quilter in our guild for the quilting she did on her donation quilts. I really wanted to say something, but I bit my tongue and stayed out of it.

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I tried to do the right thing and quilt charity quilts for the Community Service branch of the local guild. Then I got members asking me to donate quilting and batting for this or that charity. I did them, some were raffle quilts others were to be used by patients at the local hospice facility. To my knowledge they were all used as charity quilts in one way or another. Then the other shoe fell...

I was asked to do QOV's, and other types of cancer fund raising quilts. I did them, in fact posted a couple here on the forum. When these ladies came to drop off or pick up they yammered on and on about a quilt they were making for a friend or grandaughter etc. I thougt well that's great they will be bringing me regular quilting to do for them, but noooo they had the brass to stand in my studio and tell me who they were taking those quilts to to be quilted! I just could not believe it so I asked why they didnt' take their charity work to their regular quilter and the response was they are too busy to do free quilting!!

Ok my dander was up so I politely let them know I was done with charity quilting if it does not bring me business in the future. I then contacted the chairwoman for the Community Service branch of the guild and let her know I would quilt two a month for Hospice only and I would only accept them from her. Since then I have only recieved one from that group, I know Hospice in my area will only accept machine quilted quilts for use in their facilities because they are laundered so often. I am happy to be on my own as far as charity quilts go, it brought me nothing but heartburn for trying to do a good deed.

We need to be vigilant about this touchy issue. I was working like crazy to fit those charity quilts into my schedule, and to be taken advantage of in that manner was like being mugged.

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Amazing how people will take advantage of others. I can't help wondering why. Do others not take quilters seriously? Do they not think of LAing as a viable business, where time is money? Do they think a business run out of our home is not a "real" business, that we don't have a "real" job?

Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and sticking to your guns! Love to hear what the outcome is.

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I do my share of charity quilting and this was suggested to me by another longarmer when I started my business many years ago. Depending on the size of the quilt I offer to provide free or 1/2 price on batting for all charitable quilting I do. I require my customer to provide me upon pick-up of the quilt a Bus. card, reciept, letterhead, statement or advertisement of the event on this it must state or the customer needs to write the name of the chairperson and phone #, plus the date of event. I also make the customer who picked up the quilt to write their name, address and phone # on the paper. By doing this I can take a legal Tax deduction for the batting without any worry. Plus it sure weeds out those that are dishonest; I've heard some excuses, but they never ask again.

I do buy batting wholesale so it costs me very little as I use up my pieces whenever I can, I never feel bad cuz I'm getting my full quilting & thread charge, I never worry or stress weather it's legitiment or that maybe I'm being taken advantage of, that would become my customers IRS problem if it's not because I do take the tax deduction and they know it. I never discuss with the customer that some people cheat I simply state this is what my CPA requires and I would love to do the quilt for them if they provide me with the details that my CPA requires.


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It is important that we protect ourselves from those that would use our talents to further their own agenda's. 


I have to say that I do quilt QOV quilts. I will only do these when they come directly from the organization.  I also will only quilt red/white/blue patriotic themed quilts from them.  There are many, many quilters that say the quilts are QOV that are NOT associated with this organization.  It saddens me to hear of quilters that have tried to quilt QOV to find out that they were not awarded to our soldiers, and then be soured by the experience enough to not want to continue to quilt QOV.  My only suggestion on this is to report this activity to the organization/district heads as they certainly would want to know and probably would do what ever they could to stop this activity.


I have also quilted for local charities for friends that I am well associated with and know what the charity is for.  I have had no problems, so far.

I do NOT quilt for the local guild and their charities.  I have found out that they are not that particular as to where the quilts go and as some that have commented here, the quilts ended up with friends/family members. 

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This is an old post unearthed by a spam posting.

To update, the woman referred to in my original post was surprised and stunned when I mailed her my new policy sheet about donation quilting. When we next spoke she was very defensive and acted like she didn't know why I had sent her the info. I don't want to go into detail but she had managed to trade the quilt supposedly meant for charity for something else of value, which she kept for herself. I let her know I expected to be paid for the job I did and planned to donated the fee to the original charity. She said she would do that herself, but I don't believe her. So not only did she lose me as a quilter but she knows that I know--and wonders if I'll be sharing this story at guild or with my quilty buddies.  :unsure:


I still do charity quilting--mostly for my guild. But never again for a single customer unless they can prove to me the quilt is actually for charity. (I have a QOV coming in January.)

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Ah yes, the charity quilt fiasco.  I've been burned a little on the edges too.  It amazes me how ethically challenged some people are.  Yeah, I don't believe she donated to the charity either.  I will do charity quilts at reduced rates for regular customers only.  Too bad we can't trust everyone.  Sad.

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