Looking for a longarm quilt machine

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Anyone looking to sell their machine, I might be interested!

Limited funds, but can go to approx $10,000, would prefer less. I'm located in Western WI, so would prefer to find a machine as close as possible. You can post me here or email me @ lia_min1@yahoo.com


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I have a couple of options/ideas for you and would be happy to help you with setup and/or training of any APQS machine you might purchase regardless of who/where you purchase.

Lucy Drinkall

o2b Quilting, LLC
APQS sales/rental and custom quilting

1025 Industrial Drive, Suite A
Spring Valley, MN 55975

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I am in IL about 1 hour or less from WI border...I have a 2006 Millennium for sale in that price range. Let me know if I can give you more information!

Oh, it has M&M wheels, motorized feed, and zipper leaders attached.





Monica Gum


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I have my 08 Lenni for sale. It is listed on the forum under "machines for sale" and is listed by CiCi. I purchased this machine from Sylvia B. and she also

comments about this machine. I am selling Lenni because I am making a upgrade. The machine makes a beautiful stitch and I have not had any problems with tension. You will find my e-mail address with the listing. I live in New Orleans but shipping is not a problem. If you are interested in the machine, I can obtain a shipping price from my zip code to yours. I look forward to hearing from you. Charlotte Landry (aka CiCi)

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