Here's a few I have been busy with

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Beautiful!!! I wish I was the Debbie that quilted these!!! You do fantastic work!!!


Debbie Cadwallender

APQS Sales-Service-Education

Central Michigan




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Debbie, my oh my, you've outdone yourself especially on the Lonestar!!! Going in my Favs, too!! How long did it take you to quilt the Lonestar?

Cindy Thompson

(My perfect quilting combo...Milli and Quiltazoid)

Chrome Top Quilts

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I didn't really keep track of my time. I did baste the whole thing by machine first and pin a lot on the border area. One side the border was a little full, and the other side a little stretched...luckily no tucks on the back! A lot of time was spent advancing and backing up. Love that motorized fabric advance! I didn't want to risk reloading and not everything lining up right. The feather wreaths actually stitched up pretty fast. That pebbling takes longer. I'm really thinking about changing the way I charge...by the hour instead of square inch. That would force me to keep track of my time!:) I've not decided though. For those who asked earlier, hand guided...no computer.


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Just WOW!! I love those feathers on your loan star! How did you do those? they look "doubled" or something...really neat! Whatever you charged for that quilt, I tell ya...probalbly wasn't enough!! OH my!! Just beautiful!!!


Linda Gibbons

Cabin Creek Quilting

APQS Freddie (aka, Gracie ll)

Hand guided

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