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For a retreat. Am looking for an idea to distribute a small gift to every participant, secretly if possible, or a fun way to do it. It's not technically an exchange, but a small present for each one, mostly the same with slight variations on the theme.

The resident house elf could place one on each person's machine, to be found when they get up, but some of these gals will be up til all hours of the night, and some are up at the crack of dawn..if not finding the place empty could be an issue.

anyone have any ideas?

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Sammi, is that you?? From Vegas??

Anyhow, we just did a secret quilter swap at our retreat...I made everyone scissor fobs--a little beading and some lobster clasps. Someone else made clear zippered vinyl bags with embroidered another one someone made us all luggage tags embroidered with our names and guild name.

For my secret swapper I made a pincushion, mug rug, fabric scrap baskets, triangle thread catcher (that was the hit of the retreat), zippered bag, etc. Check out my I posted up my gifts and the ones I received...

At one I was at last fall one of the quilters gave us all a piece of scrappy fabric and we had a challenge to make something with it--using what we brought on the retreat! Ack...funny stuff. Another person brought lavender and a bunch of fabric scraps for us to all make lavender sachels (is that spelled right)?? Someone else brought little kits to teach basic embroidery....someone made kits to teach how to make a folded star ornament. Anything goes!!

The triangle thread catcher was the one thing everyone wanted to know how to make, and it was the easiest thing I made. It could be done in different fabrics for variety....and then you will have less trash on the floor when you clean up after the retreat!! Good luck!


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thanks for the input!

Joyce, I was trying to think of some way to do that, but in this particular instance, the sewing room IS the breakfast room, it's all wide open. and there are quite a few more attendees this year than last, so I'm not certain what the 'set-up' will be...they may have to use part of that area for sewing machines, too.

No, Vic, not from Vegas, from Montana! thank you for the blog info, I'm going to go look. I already have the gifts, just have to figure out how to distribute them, and kind of wanted it to be secret.

I don't know, do you think it matters if it's secret or not? (it's 30 people)


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