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It's been a long time since I have updated all of you on how things are going. Well as you can see by the pic, I got married in Vegas by Elvis to a man that I have known since I was 3. Rex and I went to school together and we great friends when we were young. Had a horrible crush on him in high school and yet still remained good friends. He moved to Texas the middle of our senior year and we lost touch till the wonder of internet we started talking about 9 years ago. Caught up more on facebook...LOL He drives truck so he hadn't realized that Marv had passed until December we were chatting and I asked him to just stay talking to me because Daniel had another seizure and I just needed to talk. He told me he gets close to where I live sometimes and would I like to meet for dinner. We did the end of January and the fireworks haven't stopped. We were married on my birthday August 14th in Vegas, the wedding started at the time of my birth. How cool is that? He is very sweet and when Daniel graduates and is in college I will go out on the truck with him and he said that if we are near any of my quilting buddies on here that we will go visit. So I need addresses because I would love to see and hug all of you. You have no idea what a true blessing each and everyone of you are.

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