NQR- Could you help my son's FFA project

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Aaron has spent the past year restoring a tractor for his FFA project. He has now entered it into a contest for FFA students. He needs votes for his video to win this portion of the contest. Would you consider voting for him at www.delotrcvoting.com Select the video for Aplington-Parkersburg FFA, enter the code you see in the box and vote. You can vote daily until mid October. We would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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Hi Lynne,

The least I can do for a fellow Iowa! I don't live on a farm, but I had relatives in Minnesota who did. My Uncle Butch had one arm and restored old tractors his whole life. I also have a friend here in central Iowa who's husband is very involved in old tractors and the organizations that show and parade them here -- can't remember the name off hand. Her name is Shari Walkup and she is the president of our local quilt guild.

I will vote as many times as they will let me!

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Lynne - What a delight to read and see the work of the FFA organization. I am a retired vocational teacher who worked side by side with the FFA sponsor. In Louisiana, living in the suburb, FHA members study nursery plants etc. not corn and tractors. Congratulations to your son - great restoration job. Ten votes today and I"ll give him 10 votes per day. CiCi

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