Terrific Thursday 9/13/12--what's on the frame?

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Congrats, Linda Rech! The sparkle from your smile shines all the way over/down here!

Still working on the "monster" quilt. Only have about a third done. Saving the big yellow spaces for last but having to tack them down as I go so there won't be any puckers on the back (fingers crossed).

Oma, take care of yourself.

Heidi, a song comes to mind for the next time your MIL calls "here's a quarter, call someone who cares" :P, but I know you really do care deep down and that's why you're putting up with her antics.

Anticipating a much needed rain this afternoon. Can't wait!!!

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Yes, the wedding is on the island this weekend...I have been stalking the weather and have been so excited to see the forecast. We will spend Monday and Tuesday exploring Seattle and then back to MN:)

Originally posted by ffq-lar

Originally posted by Enchanted Quilting

Main project today is to pack for our trip to Seattle and a wedding on Orcas Island. In between, if I can sneak it in, I will load the Thimbleberries Runner called Twin Peaks. As I was waiting for some thread to arrive, I took time to piece it.

The weather is gorgeous here--we have sunshine and 80 degrees forecast for today and a pretty weekend coming up if that's when the wedding is. Enjoy your visit to the Northwest!

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Nothing on the frame. But am busy "stripping" down (fabric). Feels totally freeing!! Anyone on vacationing on Oahu this weekend...

"My name is Barbara and I am an addict (fabric).

I have been a "rogue" quilter for over ten years. My passion for piecing has transformed into fabric dyeing and longarm quilting during the past 5 years. So you can imagine the huge "elephant" of quilt related items, that I would like to clear out. I will be holding a garage sale, this weekend: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday the 15th & Sunday the 16th to "destash" my stash.

Am simplifying and clearing out inventory. Lots of quilting, beading reference books and quilting/sewing/craft supplies. All books (retailing for $20+) like-new condition will sell for $3.00. Fabric will be going for $2.00 per yard."

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i'll play!

after the quilt for my friends mom, i was happy to load this batik bento box that i whipped up for dd over the weekend.

she got engaged and is moving into a new apartment next month.

all i know is that she bought a brown leather couch.

her favorite color is green.

i'm just sorta meandering...i tried to make paisley, but i guess i have to ppp some more cause this is what i got.

it's so nice to happily quilting for myself - and not stressing over it.

i've been having some breaking thread - but since it's rainbows, i think i'll wait and see if the problem persists when i'm using something less finicky.


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Still working on the blue quilt with the embroidered blocks. It has been a challenge as none of the blocks are centered so the original design element did not work. Lots of outlining.

Linda Congratulations on your ribbons!! I am not surprised. We have a master quilter in our residence.

Oma I hope you recover quickly. Prayers coming your way for complete healing.

Heidi, Hang in there. Thinking of you.

Linda S that is one gorgeous quilt you get to add your magic to.

Lisa darling rabbits.

Sylvia love the dress.

Della lovely terry twists in the black.

Meg, great looking quilt and love the quilting.


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Recouping from 2 days of painting at the new place and had a massage today. It felt sooo good. Probably no quilting for this next couple of weeks as we are in the middle of getting the new place ready to begin moving. Good to see those quilts, Oma, I hope that you heal quickly, Linda S.- beautiful quilt, Linda R - smiling with you for all those happy customers of yours, Heidi - MIL's can be a handful and yours is definately a challenge. I'll be thinking of and praying for you tomorrow. And I love the chocolate bunny quilt!!!:)

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Well.......I'm doing the same thing this Thursday as I was last Thursday and the Thursday before that! Fortunately it's my own quilt and I'm not trying to rush the process. I actually made (paper pieced!!) the Block of the Month quilt by Sue Garman from The Quilt Show called Stars for a New Day. Now my cousin wants me to quilt hers when she's done. I told her I have over 50 hours into this quilt and I'm still not finished! Just want her to know this one won't be "free".

Went to a Marti Michell trunk show this morning at a local Quilt Shop. That woman is funnnnn....y!! :P Of course I ended up buying MORE templates and books that I'll probably never use. But hey! We have to keep those quilt shops in business, don't we?! We lost a great shop 20 miles from here last month. Very sad.

Prayers going up for all of you that are struggling. Heidi, I think of you often. I think your patience is developed enough that you don't need to pray for patience any more!! ;)

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Oma - I'm glad to hear you came through okay. Prayers that the pathology comes out well. Take care.

Della - yes, these quilts can be very intimidating, but once you get them on the frame, you realize it's just SID the main parts down to put some bones in it, and then lay in the designs. Not really a problem!

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Thursday - not quilt on my frame because I took one of my Halloween quilts off. Yea! one of the four is finished, that is all except the binding. My other today project is getting clothes for me and DH to pack for upcoming trip. Next Thursday we will be flying to Chicago and then to Delhi, India. My eyes will be on the look out for fabrics. Friends form Calgary, Canada will meet us in India and all four of us are bouncing from the walls with joy. Anyone else been to India and found good fabrics? I'll miss the forum next Thursday and having a look at the lives of other quilters.


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Linda B came over and we loaded a quilt is made for her aunt in a nursing home in Mass. This is her very first time to use Frannie Ann my millie. I helped her load the quilt and advance it each time. We used Metro varigated on top and so fine on the bottom. The Circle Lord swirls boards were great. We started about 2 and finished about 5! I think she did a great job!


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