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Hi Bonnie,

Take a look at Lorien Designs by Hermione Agee of Australia. You can find them State side here:


When I went computerized, I ordered many of Hermi's patterns in digital format because they're so evenly spaced and give good allover texture.

Another good site is Anne Bright's. She has many pages of designs!


Hope that helps. :)

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Hi Darlene, I have looked at those sites and so many others. I have over 100 pantos but so many are pretty dense for what my customers really like. I was hoping that someone had a floral in mind that they use that is more open that they could recommend. I've done "Dainty" so many times that I need a break from the monotony! LOL Thank you for posting links for me :) I do love Urban Elementz, Willowleaf and Lorien!

I'm still looking for suggestions :)

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Thank you, ladies, for the ideas! I have "Alfresco" but haven't used it yet ... not sure why no one has picked it as it is really cute and I imagine looks great quilted out. I have added all the suggestions to my list and am trying to narrow it down to just two, but that is so hard to do!! I am giving myself until next week to make a decision.

Heather, funny you should mention "Cosmos" from CL. I have it but have only used it once I was thinking of selling it to get some more room in my CL storage area.

I finished the large quilt with Dainty today and I'm taking it off my panto list for a while as I'm on major burn out!! :P:P

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Anne Bright has a lot of great patterns that are open. Merrily is one of my favorites from her. I also really like Simply Clematis from her as well. Plus I met her in person and she is really nice. Bonus!

Amy, at your recommendation, I ordered both of these pantos (Merrily in 14" and Clematis in 12") and love them both! I'm taking "Dainty" out of my lineup as Merrily is so much nicer. But if a client wants Merrily for a small quilt, I may reluctantly suggest "Dainty." Thank you so much for telling me of these pantos!!

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