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These are circle templates used for drafting. They measure from eensy-teensy to a medium size and are great for marking.

I use them to mark the center of a feathered wreath--that part where you want the feathers to stretch to--for varied-sized pearls in a spine, for very precise ribbon candy, and this latest application--the spine of a feather to fill an awkward area.

Here's what they look like. Available at Office Depot and the like for about $3 in the drafting supplies section.


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And here's what I do with them. The top drawing is a separated spine for a feather and the pearls are marked so you can be very precise as the size varies from small to large. This has helped me so much to get an even result.

The bottom is how I marked the border of a Cattails in the Meadow quilt. I has the serrated piecing that needed to be filled with feathers.


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Interesting I have a set that are over 20 years old I have used them for many crafts over the years.....I can not do "repeated" work and remain "consistent" but I have "avoided" marking because of all the posts about the horrors of marking (waste of time, can't get the marks out, "you should just trust yourself and wing it").....

Where is the balance? any suggestions.

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Originally posted by stippledkae

Can you tell me your favorite or most used marking "pencil"?

Purple air-erase for light fabric. Bohin white mechanical (same as Fons and Porter mechanical pencil) for darks.

For general marking where precision isn't important--like a spine for a feather meander--plain, cheap school chalk like Rose Art brand. It has no clay extenders and wipes off easily.

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o easy to stitichin the My favorite is Deloa's but can't remember the name. Similar to the castle I think, anyway I do love it. So neat and accurate for stitch in the ditch.

I like the blue water erase . since I have to wash all the quilts I donate, Theblue comes right off. I use cold water to start, then switch to luke warm

Just don't press or apply heat.

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