Moxies planned anytime soon?

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Hi everone. Been down with the fall crud so haven't been here for a long time it seems. Yes, Moxies at my house, November 10 at our usual time, which is whenever you get there after 10. My DH thinks I am nuts for having it at our house in the fall/winter as it is small and we probably won't be eating outside, but heck we are all friends and can squeeze together just fine. Pot luck as usual, still not sure what the main course will be so bring whatever your tummy has a hankering for.


I would like a tentative head count so I can gather chairs, etc. I am needing a Moxie fix so it will be great to see everyone. It was wonderful to see my friends at MQX. If you need directions just let me know from whence you are coming. We should be in for a treat with Barb and Quilt Path.

email me at

See you soon

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I'll be there with two others. Can't wait to see everyone and also Quilt Path. Plus I'd like to hear how Linda S's class went and whether MQX West will be back next year.

Let me know what you might need to fill out the menu. Sometimes we're heavy on the desserts--now I'm not saying that's a bad thing! :P See you in a week!

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Just getting over the crud myself, Bekah - kept me down for four days. :( Brought it back with me from Alaska, I think..... But I think I'm gonna be back to (close to) normal tomorrow, so that means I will see you this weekend!! Assuming no further complications (health or weather!), I will see you on Friday to get Quilt Path all set up for its Moxie debut on Saturday...... ;)

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Hi everyone. Getting excited to see everyone. Just a heads up about food, Miduel is going to grill a salmon and we can pull off chunks as we like. I hope this is okay with everyone. If anyone needs directions, please give me a call. Still trying to get a feel for how many are coming.

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Stopping by for a quick update on our amazing Barb and Quilt Path. Not only did she set up her head on my machine, but she has helped with some issues on my girl for which I am every grateful. She is such a joy and I am honored she is here to share at my studio.

Now Quilt Path is totally awesome!!!! You are all in for a terrific treat.

See you soon and for those of you who can't make it, we will miss you.

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