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Moxies planned anytime soon?

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Well, you know how you feel when your kids and grandkids come to visit and then go home? The house is empty and quiet, well that is how my studio is now. What a wonderful afternoon!!! Moxies are the very best family in the world. Thank you for making this such a very special day. It was so good to see everyone again and as usual we had wonderful eye candy to look at and ohh and ah over, good food and lots of laughter.

Barb is so professional and friendly and represents APQS so well. Her demonstration of Quilt Path had us all wanting to contact Santa with a "pretty please". We can't begin to thank her enough for driving all the way down to see us and give us a first hand look at Quilt Path.

Barb, thank you for making my machine run better. I owe you.

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Many thanks to Bekah and Miguel for being such great hosts! Moxie meetings are like a fabulous family reunion--filled with the family you have chosen for yourself! :D

QuiltPath is a stunner--and so well explained by Barb. She says she's still learning but has such a grasp of the system. APQS couldn't have a bigger booster than Barb and it's so obvious she believes in the products offered.

I've said for a long time that I'm intrigued by the computerized systems and QP looks like an up-and-comer. I'll be watching the progress and comments closely.

So nice to see Nancy and Melora--and some new faces to add to the Moxie group.

Lynda Newell had three stunning quilts to share and her new pattern is printed and ready for purchase. I'll bug her until she shows it to you all. It's a gorgeous star that you won't be able to resist!

Next meeting at my place on Saturday, February 23rd--if anyone wants to mark their calendars.

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Thank you Bekah and Miguel for allowing us to decend on your home for our "quilt family reunion". :wub:

What a noisy bunch we are!!!! But what fun we have. Great to see the Quilt Path in action....makes me go hmmmmmmmm! And Barb has an A+ rating in my book and is the bestest you could get to promote the QP. :D

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Cathy H -- We are a group that are mostly centered around Portland Oregon. We have members as far north as Olympia and as far south as the Eugene area. If you ever want to come up for a meeting, I know that you would be more than welcome. Our next meeting is Feb. 23rd at Linda Rech's home in Olympia.

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Thanks, PattyJo and Barb for responding. I am from the real Northern California coast (Arcata/Eureka), but am spending a lot of time in Portland with my new grandaughter ( well, 9 months new!). My husband's family is in Washington, Olympia and Tacoma, and we usually get up there also, so there is a chance I might be around for one of your meetings and would love to attend. It is always nice to put a real face to ones you have met and admired online!

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