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ok, Ladies and gents, I am home and it is done! Everything went as smoothly as a babies butt except recovery. They couldn't get me settled and couldn't get my pain under control. They had given me all I could have and then the Dr. thought of something else to try and it worked. I have been in the bed, of course, and my nurse, Mike, has been Heaven sent! He is such a doll. I did have a jolly nurse and we did get to laugh at lots of things! I belive laughter is always the best medicine. Tomorrow will be a test as Mike will go to work and I will be here alone. I am just so darned glad it is over. The Dr. said my gallbladder did have several stones in it although the HIDA scan did not show anything - only that it was working at 9%. Thank you for your throughts and prayers. I don't know what I'd do without you! Love you all, muchly!

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Ok, so last night was NOT a piece O cake! Just plain ole pain! I have it under control this morning but am itching up a fog. If they could just take the itchy stuff out of the meds life would be so much better! And my neck is sore and a bit blue. I wonder if I said a little somthin a little off color and they tried to choke me???? If I live into my 80s, I'll bet I will be allergic to my Mike! Now that would be awful as he is my sweetie!

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YEAH! Glad you're home & all went well. Now for some unsolicited advice from someone who has had that same surgery. Take your pain meds as directed & stay on top of your pain, do NOT try to 'tough through it' Also, take it easy & what they always say about vacuuming, driving & stairs is true, DON'T. My turn around time was 11 days. On Day 11, I was feeling quite well & caught up with my life again. Be gentle with yourself & allow yourself to heal. Good time to catch up on hand work & mags. Sending healing thoughts to you :) xo

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