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Circle Lord for sale (Australia)

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I have a Circle Lord for sale that is for a Lenni table.

I also have various templates as well as long boards.

Please let me know if you are interested & I will list what I actually have. I am happy to negotiate a price as I want them to be used.

My IQ arrived today so I don't think I will be needing them soon.


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Hi Lyn,

No can't make it this year! Booked in for an op on my foot first thing Monday & have much to do!

Will be off my feet for quite a while so I am running around like an idiot trying to get organised. Have to sit with my foot up for the first 2 weeks so I have my bindings to sew & think I am pretty limited with what I can do for the 4 weeks after that.

Joy, I was thinking it would be nice if someone else could get some use out of them. I don't want them gathering dust, they are too good for that!!

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