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While at the shoppe today, I got a call to take in a quilt. It was from a customer I had quilted for a couple of years ago.

She arrived with 2 quilts and a smile on her face, but I noticed she was alone. We walked to my machine and layed out her first top. A large King size in Blacks, Blues, Purples and Greens. As we started to measure, I noticed she had tears in her eyes. I stopped what I was doing and asked if she was okay. She said, "this was Brians quilt. He picked all the colors as well as the pattern. I lost him 2 years ago".

Brian was her husband.

I had worked on the last quilt she brought in with him and he and I spent almost an hour picking the design and just the perfect color of thread to compliment the top.

Today, I could feel her loss. We talked about how he loved to be a part of the process with her as she made her tops. She hadnt looked at this quilt in over a year.

I knew this was going to be a special job.

She told me that he loved what I had done with the last quilt and he wanted me to quilt this one. (I feel so honored)

She said she was leaving it up to me.

After looking at the top, I asked what color was his favorite. Of course I already knew, BLACK. Then I asked her what her favorite color was, she told me Purple and Green.

I took her hand and told her what my plan was.

I would quilt the border in Black, representing Brian, holding her together for all the years, The Center would be swirled with Greens, representing the blending of the two of them, and in the outer Black sashing, I would do a simple rolling Feather in purple.

to join them together.

She told me she just knew she needed to bring it to me today!

I wanted to share this story today. It truly touched my heart that someone has so much faith in me to work on something so very treasured.

We have the Best job in the World. I can't imagine doing anything else.

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THat brings tears to my eyes as we have a couple that we know that lost "him" last weekend...4 years after a heart transplant he was doing so well and he suddenly died. What a priviledge to finish his quilt so that his wife has something to fold around her and comfort her. You are right - many jobs are just jobs but this one has the potential to touch a life.

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Oh that so needed a tissue warning. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out and hubby looks over and says, "Are you ok?" I said, "Yes just a touching quilting story." He says, "You need to stop or you will have no tears left. You are my marshmellow!" LOL so true! What a special quilt and you are one special quilter! Your quilting design is just amazing and so touching.

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You are the Quilting Godmother. You always make people feel so welcome when they come to your shop. I can just see you now.

You are right we are all truly blessed. Thanks for looking after me me when I came to you shop. I think of you graciousness often and wish I lived closed so I could see you more often.

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