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What would you do quilting this?

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I'm developing a pattern for this quilt (almost finished!), but am wondering what you would do to quilt it. I think it needs to have the linked-together feeling preserved, but I am not sure how to do that: straight lines? different fills for different chains? forget that and just do an all-over? It's a wide twin (69x80), with the chain running the length of the quilt. My couch is underneath it, for scale.

Suggestions welcome!



ETA Having a hard time uploading a file from my files.

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Treat every single color (white, red, blue, black) as a separate little "border or sashing" and do something different in each color. Like do one design in all the black then do a different design in all the whites and so on. I think there are only four colors so you would only be doing four separate designs. They could be modern or feathers or whatever you like. It would look neat.

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What a great design. When is the pattern to be available??? I can send you my address!!! lol.

For quilting I would work with the design, no panto or all over. I like the idea of using the same border or sashing design in all parts of the same color and each other color with their own separate design. You could do feathers, vines, leaves, spikes, traditional stencils, e's and l's, ferns. One color could be a curve design, the next a spike design, and on.

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Thanks, everyone, for your ideas and your kind comments! This will be only my second pattern (the first one will be in Modern Quilts Unlimited in the next few months), but it's my first one that's "just for me", you know? I have some doodling to do, I think.

Madelyn, the computer with Adobe photoshop on it won't be back until the end of the week. Once that's back in the house, I will be adding the diagrams, and then the whole shebang should be ready to go by next week sometime. It's really pretty quick to put together: once the cutting is done (there's a fair bit of that), the only tricky part is paying attention to all the different units and putting them together in the right order. I think it can probably be done from start to finish in less than day for an advanced beginner. And it's pretty satisfying seeing it come together!

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