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Madelyn & Linda R, thank you for your input! Linda, I went with your suggestion (scared the living daylights out of me but it was the right choice) :P I've added a pic of the quilted block below.


I'm working on a quilt of 12" hand-embroidered blocks of the flowers of the Canadian provinces and territories. The petals and leaves will be outlined, and the background will have a fill of small curls. One of the blocks is a title/signature block with floral embroidery filling a lot of the space, and the title, date, and maker's name in one corner. The flower and background will be treated the same as the rest of the blocks, but what about the lettering? Should I fill around each line of lettering? Or should I formally frame it and fill up to the frame? I've thought about framing with a double rectangle but the maker's name is long, and the top right corner of the rectangle would hit the flower. I suppose I could stitch the double lines up to the flower in both directions and just not have the corner stitched in. I'm also considering a partial circle, or a wavy frame around the lettering. Any opinions or alternate suggestions are appreciated.Thanks!


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My thought is for you to use your thread that matches the background and stitch your overall as if the lettering isn't there. It's an awkward shape and spot to try to isolate it. The stitching of the letters is so strong and contrasting no one will ever miss it and no amount of stitching on it will lessen its impact.

Stitching the filler over the letters will make all the blocks match--with the focus staying on the flowers. You won't have two un-stitched areas in the title block and a rectangle around the whole thing will mean you probably will need to underline the writing so you don't get sag.

If you're concerned about the light thread showing on the black stitching--it shouldn't be an issue if you're using thin thread. In any case, a touch-up with a black archival pen like a Pigma on any errant white stitches will do the trick--and trick the eye. Unless you are using invisible thread, which won't show at all.

Great quilt--can't wait to see it finished!

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