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Intermittant Pokeys


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I tried to tighten up the scre on the tension but it was already very tight. Does that little black piece on the bobbin come off. I can't see how that would work. I also put a little sponge circle that was on my machine under the spool of thread. It seemed like the thread was jumping all over the place. I use So Fine. This quilt has lots of metallic fabric on the front and the back. I have a little piece of batting with thread ease also on the first place off the spool. I am sewing a pantograph with stars with some curves in between. I am sewing on speed 5. I love my machine it seems I need to get to know it better so I can know what to do. This is only my 8th quilt.

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Hi Cheryll,

I think what Sherry was asking about was the bobbin

case spring, that thin circle that sits under the bobbin inside

the bobbin case. It's a little bigger than a dime and has

slots in it that form 2 fingers. Sometimes those fingers


flatten out. If you have an extra spring, remove the old

one.... being careful to notice the 2 slots that the sides fit

into. Then insert a new spring.

No spring available? Pull the old one out and ease up the

2 fingers a bit so that they are not flat. Put the spring back

into the case fitting it into the 2 slots, put in the same bobbin

you have been using and go for it.

Let us know how you do. I want to see photos of the quilt

with that metallic thread. You are a wild woman.:cool:

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