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Hi all! Hey, how do I get my avatar back up? When I went to my edit, the browse came up and I went to my pictures and picked one, but it kept saying that my picture was too big. I have never had trouble before posting pictures from "my pictures" in my computer. They have always just posted, without any problem with the size. I don't know how to change the size. thanks!

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Hi Linda.

Go to your photos and pull up the one you want to post. Click on the photo to make it full screen. Go to the top and click on "image". Scroll to "resize/sample" and click. When you see your size options click on 640 X 480 and OK it. Again at the top click on "file" and scroll down to "save as" and click. This is where you rename the newly-sized photo to find again. Rename it something easy like myquilt1 and save. It should now be in the same folder as the rest of your photos. I hope this works for you.

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