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I used a Gadget Girl 3" circle ruler. Easier for me to hold than something that is inny/outy.

When I did the initial topic there was a place at the bottom to add the pix and I just simply added it. I adjust all my pictures before adding them and it popped up as a thumbnail in the new forum.

To add another pix - I clicked on the top Reply to This topic button (not the one at the bottom of the page) and it came up again to add a pix. So I'm going to try it again and see what happens. You have to click on Attach This File once you've found the file you want to add. Added the friendship star square of another quilt I did for March.


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To add a photo: Click on More Reply Options at the bottom of the page or Reply to this topic at the top if you're in an already posted topic. A new window should show up with the option below showing.

Click on "Browse" and find the picture you want to attach on your computer. If the size is ok - click on the button Attach This File.

Then "Add Reply" if you're replying to a topic or "Post New Topic" if you started a new one.

Hope this helps.

Re: circle template - I bought these a long time ago rather than the whole set. Now I wish I had the whole set!



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