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Arctic Cotton Batting by Trend-Tex

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Trend-Tex has a line of quilt battings called Arctic Cotton - 100% cotton, cotton-bamboo blend, 80/20 cotton-poly blend, and 100% poly. Has anyone used any of these, and if so what did you think? I haven't used any of them, but might consider a couple.

Is the 80/20 blend comparable to Hobbs 80/20?

How lofty is the 100% poly - similar to QD Puff? or Hobbs PolyDown?

Did you get good stitch definition? Pokies? Could you tug on the batting without poking a finger through it?

Please share your opinions! :)


Mary Greenhalgh

Abby Road Custom Quilting

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Our local fabric shop use to carry Arctic batting before she closed 4 years ago. I can't answer all your questions as it has been awhile since I used it but I do remember liking the cotton and cotton blend. It had a nice loft but not as strong or even as Quilters Dream. I didn't like the bamboo as it was very thin.

Kathy Schwartz

Tamarack Shack Longarm Quilting



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I use the Arctic Bamboo a lot. I haven't used any other bamboo so I don't know how it compares to other brands but I like it. It is very flat, but soooo soft! It is popular with my customers. Just remember that there is a wrong side and a right side. The wrong side (folded in on the bolt) should face down. If it is used the wrong way you could get the pokies.

I've also used the Arctic Cotton. It is quite a bit thinner than Warm & Natural, but some don't like the Warm & Natural because it is too thick. So I guess it depends on the purpose. I would buy both again.


2009 Green Millennium with Quilt Path

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