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AD: Take Intelliquilter online video classes from home!


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Bummed because you can't make it to MQX this year? (me too!)

Now you take IQ classes from home! There are 2, three hour classes on my website for Intelliquilter owners. These two initial classes are designed to work hand in hand. The classes are broken down into 10 minutes lessons and you can watch the class as many times as you need it. It doesn't expire! Plus, you get the pattern files I'm working with on screen so you can press what I press, when I press it and follow right along.

The first class, IQ Mastery Class 1: Baby Steps , goes through the basic operation of IQ and how to set up pantographs. It also includes a pattern download ($13.50 value). It is $69. You can watch the first lesson FREE! (keep in mind it won't work on an iPad as Apple doesn't support Adobe Flash). You'll need high speed internet access to watch the classes.

The second 3 hour class, IQ Mastery Class 2: Beginning Custom Quilting , covers beginning custom quilting and covers dropping in block designs, multiple ways to set up borders and how to connect the top half of a quilt's border with the bottom half so you don't have to turn the quilt. This class includes pattern downloads too (a $29 value). The class is $69.

To purchase the class, just sign up for an account at QuiltedJoy.com and navigate to the class pages linked to in the above text. You'll be able to purchase the class and start watching right away.

Drop me a message or give me a ring if you have any questions! I created these classes so people could refer back to the chapters they need whenever they need and keeping them online instead of as a DVD allows me to keep the instruction current should Zoltan add/change any features.

More classes of all levels are in production and will be released soon. If you'd like to be notified when a new computerized quilting class is released, sign up here !


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