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holy smokes chapter 2


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I was frozen solid on the hammock. I couldn't move a muscle if I wanted. I've been up close and personal before with a skunk many years ago trying to catch a stray cat and ended up getting a skunk in the trap. I found out their good for two powerful squirts, stinky too. Real stinky, yuck. I had that stench in my nose for a week. Thank goodness for the oversize tarp. I finally had it out of the trap and it just waddled down the hill like nothing happened. Not knowing what to do, I just laid there. It slowly moved towards me with it's nose in the air trying to get a whiff of me. Just then, It turned around quickly just in time to see my cat snowball coming around the corner of the house. Right then I figuired that I was saved by the cat and she was going to hosed instead of me. Not only did the cat freeze, but her eyes got very big as well and the skunk started walking towards her. Thats when I spotted something black on my chest, and hairy too. My god it's a tanrantula. I catapulted out of the hammock about 100', a least that what it felt like. Hands waving and brushing at my chest trying to get the hairy beast off me. Skunk, cat, and dog now all forgotten and no where in my head, except this ugly spider from hell. That's when I felt something licking my face, roxie. My sweet dog roxie was licking my face telling me it time for me to get her a cookie from the cookie jar in the garage. Dam, I hope that never happens again. zeke...........................

p.s. did you know that tarantulas are very fast when spooked.


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