I got a surprise when I cleaned the edge of the bliss roller brushes

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It happened too quickly to get pictures, but I had been quilting for a solid 2 hours the other morning when I stopped and decided to get some lint off the brushes on the bliss rollers (I know I'm lacking the proper terminology here). I used a long nosed pair of tweezers to do this. It appeared there was a stray thread or something so I tugged on it a little...and a little more...and a little more and low and behold it was NOT a thread. It was the leg of a blonde colored spider and it was still alive!!! How in the world had it stayed alive with all that quilting going on??? Makes me wonder what's under the hood!

Cindy Thompson

(My perfect quilting combo...Milli and Quiltazoid)

Chrome Top Quilts

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Creepy for sure! YUK! I looked under my frame the other day and saw a big Jerusalem cricket ( we call them potato bugs for some reason in my area) and I jumped! Then I realized he was dead and his legs were up in the air. They are big and gross, too! Out came the vacuum cleaner.


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Spring Creek, NV

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So that fluff is not part of the roller. I have some serious cleaning to do when I get back home!

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oh, too funny! at least a bunch of babies didn't come jumping off her back!


Now that thought is sending chills down my back! :o



"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." Helen Keller

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