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I started making that quilt LAST winter..........have most of the blocks made, but still working on the embroidery. Mine is in winter blues/grays/whites. I hope to get it finished this winter sometime. Love your quilting !


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So Vicki, enlighten us to how you when you click on the thumbnail in your post it takes you directly to Flickr?? Beautiful quilt and beautiful work!


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Your Winter Quilt is amazing! Everything is so neat and precise! Did you "really" do all of the embroidery work? It would have taken me years to finish all of it. You did a great job and it is fantastic and I love the quilting that accents the snow around the snowman, sleds etc.

On your we site I saw the quilt made with selvage edges. (I love selveges and have a collection.) Did you just lay one on top of another and stitch? Did you use a 'real' pattern of just make up your own. Whatever, I love this piece of work. Can't wait till my collection is large enough to create a masterpiece like yours.

Thanks, CiCi

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Hi Cici,

I did not embroider this quilt, it along with most of the ones on my flickr acct are customer quilts that have given me permission to post pics of them. The selvage quilt is one that one of my friends made and the pattern is online with directions given on a blog...I'll try to find the link to it again....she saved selvages for a while and several of her other friends let her come in and trim their selvages off of their stash so she would have enough - she says you need to try to trim about 1" past the selvage as it is like paper piecing on a template.


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