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Need reassurance: just ordered Circle Lord!! Holding my breath!

Quilt Happy

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:wacko: Finally made a decision between, Circle Lord and Quiltazoid. Circle Lord it is! Can't wait to get it!

I think that even though the QZ has such a good deal on, I decided on CL because to me it seems easier to use. I have to admit that the Spiro on the QZ was a little intimidating to me on their video. I think QZ might have more "potential" in that it can take other brand templates, but for now CL with a cross hatch and the Aztec to do the strictly geometric designs that are so difficult to get perfect with rulers I think I will have a lot to explore.

Hope I made the right decision... I wonder whether I should ask Michael for the curved cross hatch? Is that something I should get???

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The Circle Lord is AWESOME! I had one for several years before I got my Intelliquilter and it was fabulous. Very easy to use and you can't beat the customer service. As much as I love my IQ, I must admit that I occasionally long for the simplicity of my Circle Lord. Just putting the stylus down and going is great!

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I am in your same situation. I am also looking at getting the Circle Lord.

I can not make up my mind on where to start on designs.

SO how do you decide which ones to start with? I have not seen it in person just on the videos. Any feed back on which ones is the best way to start would be greatly appricated, as well as reassurance that it is the right direction to follow.



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Connie, I was able to find previous discussions about the Circle Lord where individuals were considering purchasing it. Hopefully this works, but it looks like links that were posted in the old forum that led to previous discussions, will not work. I am still learning my way around so I may not have dug deep enough in the posts.

I love my Circle Lord and all of the templates that I have to use with it. Michael and Kay are wonderful to work with, provide excellent customer service, an easy no interest payment plan and money back guarantee, It couldn't get any better!




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