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I know lots of you are having trouble posting pictures and I do this from a completely selfish purpose, I love to see everybody's work and with the restrictions of the website I don't think we're seeing as much sharing. Until that gets resolved I thought I'd do up a tutorial of how to post pictures using Flickr. I'm finding Flickr to be a good option. You can create albums and mark them private if you want to. If you run out of space it is very reasonably priced to upgrade. I made a PDF file. Here you go.

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Testing Heidi's Instructions Hope it works

Question How do you make a new topic on this forum .

I find this forum is a lot harder to use than the other to use.


Rita by By Joy It's Quilted -Joy Friedberger, on Flickr

Another I hope if this works thanks Heidi for the instructions


Tarmac Fabrics by By Joy It's Quilted -Joy Friedberger, on Flickr

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You're welcome. I posted under Libby's post to you about getting your correct log on info from Flickr. There should be a button to click if you have forgotten your user name or password. If not try to set up a new one and when they see your email is already registered you'll have the chance then to get your info emailed to you. Guess how I know?

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Heidi, thank you for posting this. I think you're right that some of us are holding back (me included) in posting pictures because of the forum restrictions. I'll be checking into getting a flickr account now.

Same goes for me I have several pics. I would love to share of the last 2 quilts that I just finished and can't decide which ones to post.

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OK let me see if I can help.

  1. 1st go to the section of the forum that you want to post to such as Chat about Anything, Quilt Pictures, Patterns and Inspirations, click on the one you want.
  2. At the top right hand corner, just above the first thread, you will see a button that says Start New Topic.
  3. Click on the Start New Topic and go to town. :)

I hope that is what you were looking for.

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