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Is an eBook still happening? I am in Australia! And when will it be happening? Not that I am rushing you....just asking...lol

Hi Chrisee,

We have that ready to go!

Please email me at lindarech@comcast.net and I'll send you the information for a PDF download of the book for international customers. Much better than paying postage and waiting for it to arrive. Thanks!

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I'm new to the forum, so I don't know what book you are talking about. Please enlighten this newbie. :)

RonieM, the book that has been mentioned here, is a long anticipated book of design ideas from the genius mind of Linda! When ever there is a question on the forum like: 'how do I quilt this, or how do I handle this customer?', 9 times out of 10, it is Linda's amazing insight and knowledge that saves the day.

And Welcome RonieM to the forum. Ask lots of questions and you'll learn a lot of things very quickly. :)

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I'm overwhelmed by the response to this! It's so amazing.

Continue to email me if you are interested in what the book contains and how to order.


Kristina found a typo--thank you! Any other problems please email me.

Our web admin (the kid) is busy with our upcoming State Governors election and hasn't updated the website yet. Books have been mailed and emailed all over the place and I am profoundly grateful to call you friends. :wub:

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