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hi all -

i have a king size flimsy made from jewel tone batiks and kona black.

i wanted to use a wool batting...since it will be my winter quilt - i want it really warm and not too heavy.

is there a black wool batting? :o

if not, do you think i should use a different type of batt (if so, what kind) or just regular colored wool?

i worry about pokies, but also want it warm.

thanks in advance. :rolleyes:



"Do small things with great love." Mother Teresa

"Life's too short to fuss with thread." Meg Fazio

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I also like the QD black batting. Never any issues with pokies, and its warm. All poly battings will be warm. They aren't as breathable as wool, but don't weigh much, either. I am also not aware of a black wool batting. I think Pellon (Legacy) also has a black batting, but I don't know the fiber content.


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