Windsong Rose - finished

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When I posted a picture of this quilt on the old forum, I mentioned that the piecer wanted quilting like the Statler Stitcher which I was unable to do. However, Linda Rech gave me a sketch to use. Since I never mentioned that the block was only 9 1/2 inches, I adapted Linda's design so the piecer was happy. She entered the quilt in our local show under "first quilt" and took second place. The judge said the quilting in the burgundy was beautiful. I thought so too.

I used Legacy wool, So Fine on top, BL in the bottom.


Windsong Rose (9) by LibbyG7, on Flickr


Windsong Rose (2) by LibbyG7, on Flickr


Winddsong Rose by LibbyG7, on Flickr


Windsong Rose (3) by LibbyG7, on Flickr

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Libby so I think the 3rd icon allows you to change your code. I wonder if you copy HTML code and choose HTML code if it would work? Up for the challenge? I hadn't noticed it before and when I tried to post my first picture I had HTML code and it didn't work so I assumed the forum was using BBcode instead.

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Beautiful Libby. Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

I agree with Madelyn, I do hope you will share how to post pictures in the bigger size and more than one in a listing. Heidi taught me how to post through Flickr, but I can't get signed in to the site.


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Dustee and Madelyn,

Libby posted these from flickr. There is no way on this site to post pictures to the new forum any bigger. Dustee when signing onto your flickr site there should be an option, forgot password. They will email it to you. I had trouble remembering my log in and I was going ot set up a new one and it said I already had my email registered and I was able to have them email me the login name.

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