Quilters Closet for iPad

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Hi all. As of this morning Quilters Closet is available for iPad in the App Store. See http://www.quiltersa...quiltersCloset/ for details if you are interested.

If you already have Quilters Closet on your iPhone, you will be able to download it for iPad without any additional costs. There are also some enhancements to the app for iPhone users. See http://www.quiltersapps.com/apps/iphone/quiltersCloset/or the release notes when you download the new version.

For those of you with Android phones and tables, development is underway.


Debbi Prodigy w/ Intelliquilter , A-1 Platinum Elite

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I think that there was a spammer that had a post just above the reported statement post.  When APQS removes the spammer post you never see it any more.  They leave the reported post since there was nothing wrong with that particular post.


I remember the Quilter's Closet app being discussed and developed by one of our members about a year ago, so that post was a safe one when it was started.


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Maybe APQS could start removing the "reported" post also. If you are new to the forum and haven't seen this it can be alarming, especially if you are the poster right before the spam.

I have reported a post as spam and would not mind it if my post went away with the spam post.

Cathy Hamilton - M&M'ed 2008 Millennium - Part-time Quilter, Full-time Lover of Quilts

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