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So frustrated!

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Has anyone figured out how to save just a picture from a post? In the old forum I could clip any picture with Evernote and save them in a file. With this new format, I cannot save the image. I have tried every which way from sunday to save a picture but am having no luck. I can save the thumbnails, but they are so small I cannot see any detail. They remain small even if I put them into an editing program. I really like to save the great quilting ideas you all share. Help!

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Ha! I did figure this one out. Click on the thumbnail. It should get big and the Forum fade in the back. At the bottom of the big picture of the thumbnail, at the bottom right it says "Save" and "close". Click on save and new tab will come up and the blow up of the thumbnail is there. I right click and a dialogue box says copy image. I click copy and then paste it in a Microsoft Word document of my choice.

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