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Batting Choices

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Has anyone opinions or information on which batting holds up for the longest period of time? Lovely lady who does QOV quilts, told me they only used cotton-poly blend as it does not break down as quickly as all poly.

Does anyone have an opinion or experience with how long batting will hold up. I use polydown, Hobbs blend, wool, warm'n white and like them all for different reasons. Never gave any thought to length of time batting will last.

Any opinions or information you can share, will be appreciated.


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I'm not an expert, but poly batting will never bio-degrade. I think the only way batting can break down is through use (abuse?). The old-style tied quilts with cotton batting would eventually bunch because there was nothing to hold the fibers flat. Stitched-upon regular quilts with cotton batting have the batting (hopefully with a scrim) captured inside the fabric where it gets no wear from abrasion in the washer or dryer and no direct sun on it to break it down. Ditto with poly batts, which will still be there when the cotton fabric around it is reduced to rags from washing and snuggling.

Nancy Goldsworthy is the batting expert for me. Maybe find a contact email address and ask her. She wrote the "Flat or Fluffy" guide to batting, talking about uses and care.

One thing to remember is that QOV and other charity quilts go to worthy people who may have no idea how to care for them. When a quilt with cotton batting goes into the dryer, the cotton fabric outside dries a long time before the batting inside does. That extra dryer time will cause the fabric to wear from the extra heat, tumbling, and abrasion with other items in the dryer. A quilt with poly batting--the batting is almost dry from the spin in the washer and the quilt is dry as soon as the outside fabric is. Less wear on the fabric and a longer-lasting quilt. This has been addressed in lots of publications and also several talks at my guild.

The new wool battings and the bamboo blends require some extra care in laundering and I don't think I would use them in charity quilts. JMHO ^_^

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