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My friend used this pattern and added to it to make a queen size quilt. She wanted "fluffy" as she doesn't like heavy quilting. I prefer my feathers to be smaller, but I was satisfied with the overall look. I used So Fine on top and BL.


Celtic Garden by LibbyG7, on Flickr


Celtic Garden by LibbyG7, on Flickr


Celtic Garden by LibbyG7, on Flickr

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I agree with everyone - your feathers are beautiful..

My question is - How did you get your pictures to appear so big? I don't like having to click on the small pics to get them to enlarge so you can see the quilting and yours came out large to start with and you were able to post 3 of them!!! HOW did you do that???? :wacko:

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The feathers are hooked, but I didn't want a big hook. My idea was to outline so I'd get the puffy look she wanted.


Yes, they are freehand feathers.

Madelyn and Patty Jo,

The pictures are from flickr. It's extremely easy to use and transfer. Heidi wrote a tutorial for us about a week ago. Flickr is free unless you have tons of pictures. Once you load to flickr, call up the picture, hit share at the top right of the picture, hit BBC code, copy it (it's about six lines long) then paste it in your post. You need to have two browsers open so you can flip back and forth between the post and flickr. Also when you paste it, there's only code. When you post, the pictures are there.

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