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hi everybody -

i'm sure you have all seen the devastation in NJ and downstate NY from the storm a WEEK AGO.

it's unbelievable how brutal nature can be.

alot of my family lives in NJ -

my daughter is STILL without power and they are telling her it won't be restored until november 9!

it's getting cold down there, but she assures me she is ok. (she does have a few quilts)

my sister lives on one of the barrier islands north of atlantic city. it is the same island that president obama spoke from with governor christie the day after the storm. she had no idea such a big deal was going on...she was stranded in her home with no way to get around or communicate. her car was flooded, and she was saving her cell phone battery in case of emergency. she has had her powered restored and is now digging her home out of the rubble.

she is one of the lucky ones who still has a home.

my 76 YO aunt was removed from her home by boat and still doesn't know the extent of the damage since she STILL can't get there to see it.

1 of my cousins lost everything when his house flooded to the 2nd floor.

2 of my other cousins have had their power restored and are in the clean up stage.

and these are just my relatives.

as i was reading blogs today - i found this link to quilty help and thought i'd share it here in case any of you have the time/desire to help out.

this should be the right link - sorry for the confusion.


thanks for listening to my rant...and if you are in the midst of this, i'm praying for you.

stay safe.

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I would be very happy to make squares for this effort. I went to the links and did not find info about size etc. I must be missing something. What other info do I need to help? Thanks for your effort and desire in making this 'help' available to all of us. Thanks, CiCi

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Guest Linda S

Apparently, EQuilter has also organized quilts for Sandy victims. You might want to check their website.

My Aunts in Connecticut finally have their power back on. They weren't flooded.

Relatives in New Jersey are okay, but still have no power.

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Meg thank you for the info. Those people are going to need them with no power and the cold coming. The noreaster coming up the coast won't help. Hopefully they won't get the traditional foot or more of snow out the this system. Right now they are only calling for 2" for us which is not at all bad for a Noreaster. It must be hitting south of us. I'm keeping your family in my prayers. I talked to my BIL last night and he said 60,000 are still out of power in CT. His SIL finally got power last night. They always end up losing power for 5 or more days when a storm comes through.

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Meg, I am so sorry to hear that alot of your family is still suffering. This was so devastating. We had a crisis relief team from GA come through and stay at our church on Sat night on their way up to serve hot meals to people who lost their homes/power. It was our privilege to serve a meal to them as they go up to spend a week or more of their time trying to provide some relief to those still making do without their homes, heat, and food. I understand another team is coming through tonight, bless those churches who are able to send the people and equipment up to help and bless those people who feel led to go and help. My prayers go up to all those still suffering and those who are going up to help them.

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We were staying on Times Square during the storm, and experienced only minor inconveniences. Much of the time we were glued to TV and couldn't believe such devastation was so near. I personally will be happy to make quilt blocks, and I'm sure my guild will be too. But I need a mailing address, preferably in the continental US, as it is expensive to mail from Canada to Hawaii and that money could better be spent on making and sending more blocks. Can someone give me one, please?


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