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I just read this on another forum, thought everyone might want to be awear!

Just wanted to share this in case you have not noticed it on FB site for quilters. FYI to ALL - If you see this, please call them--------

I am sad to say, that sometime between 9:40AM and 4:10PM today, November

4th, someone cut the lock on the ball hitch of our trailer and removed

it from the limited access parking compound at the George Brown

Convention Center in Houston Texas.

We have lost all the quilts and quilted items that were not on display,

our tools, storage bins, customized crates, electrical equipment,

lighting, tie downs etc. For us this is a severe setback. We will have

to rent a U-Haul tomorrow to try and get our things home. We have filed

a police report but we need the help of the public too!

The trailer is a white 14' Trans American brand with a double axle (two

wheels each side). IT has a back door that drops down into a ramp and a

small side door on the passenger side near the front. The license plate

is 76Z TCN.

It is being treated as an auto theft by the Houston Police Department.

If you should see this trailer or have any information that might help

us find it, please call them!

We will be busy tonight and tomorrow trying to secure a trailer to rent

to bring our things home. The Convention Center is letting us leave

things here overnight, but we are not sure if it will cost us anything

or not. We have been able to get discarded boxes to pack a lot of our

stuff and one of the longarm companies gave us their sewouts to wrap

some of our fragile items.

Thanks so much. I keep praying that the police will find our stuff and

the trailer in one piece. Happy quilting!


Ellen Munnich

Pattern Designer, Instructor and Consultant - Quilting Robotics phone: 1-254-771-0334

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Guest Linda S

This is so sad. I'm sure she had insurance and can replace her supplies and trailer, but she had quilts in there, and other irreplaceable items. I can't imagine what makes people do this sort of stuff. Most of her things won't be useful to your average thief.

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This is simular to when my co-worker from Quilter's Rule had her trailer stolen the day before set up in Tucson, AZ a couple of years ago. The police told her that probably all items inside the trailer were probably dumped in the desert and the trailer was across the border within an hour of the theft. To my knowlege, nothing was ever found. The trailer also had quilts that were for display and all the inventory that quilter;s rule takes to a show. The theifs just want the trailer. That's why I bought a locking wheel boot for mine But then I'm a long way from the border too.

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What makes people do stuff like this, you ask? Mean, selfish, lonely, evil, and heartless! I will add success in finding your trailer and goods to my pray list.

God can do all things! I am truly sorry for your grief, worry and loss!

Gosh knows, quilters are generous people and probably would have helped the thief if need was the true motive.

Looking forward to stitching this afternoon on my new Lucey. Gosh, what fun!!! I can't wait to post a picture of a quilt complete! Watch for it!


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