SOLD!!!!! - 2007 Millennium - Great condition, Many extras, Reduced Price!

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I am bringing this to the top again to announce another price reduction. This is a fabulous machine with many extras included.

2007 Millennium.. NOW SELLING FOR $10,000!!! Well taken care of. She had a factory spa treatment in June, 2012!

This machine has:

26" throat, 12" table

Horizontal and Vertical Channel Locks

Laser Light with Front Post

Lower Thread Cutter

APQS Turbo Bobbin Winder

Power Fabric Advance

Hydraulic Table Lift

Stitch Regulator

Needle Up, Needle Down

Edgerider Wheels

Also included are:

Hartley Fence, Ruler Base, Micro Drive Handles, Horizontal Spool Holder and

Vertical Cone Holder, Flywheel Cover and Instructional DVD by Myrna Ficken

Machine Set of Zippered Leaders and 5 quilt sets of zippers

Towa Gauge L Bobbin

Bobbins, Metal approx 50

Bobbin Cases 3 total

Lots of Size L Pre-wound bobbins Fil-Tec and Superior Bottom Line

Also includes packing box for machine head, Factory provided Users Manual and

assorted tools for assembly/adjustments.

I am asking only $11,000. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I am in Vallejo,


Please direct any questions to

Edited 2/19/2013 by Laurie

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Hi Laurie,

Have you sold your machine, and why are you selling it?

Can my hubby and I come for a demo?

Thank You.  MM



Welcome to the forum.  You might find it faster to call or e-mail Laurie.  If you click on her web address listed under her signature she gives her phone number and e-mail address.  


Happy longarm hunting!

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Hi MM! The machine is still available. I really love my Millie and have quilted some great things with her. However, I want to update/upgrade.


You could come for a demo. Send me an email at and we can "talk". Hope to hear from you soon!


And, Sue, thanks for sharing good info. As much as I try to look here everyday, I don't. email is always best. :-)

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