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I just got this new little light hoping that I would be better able to check the back of the quilt. It's great! The light is bright enough that I can see the detail of the stitching so that I'm sure that I won't be frogging it out latter. And you can have it either a full square filled with light, or just the end will light up. Great handy hook on the back to store it with. All around good little gadget and works so much better than a flashlight. I got several of these and one will go into the car and a couple for gifts. The pics were taken with no overhead light so that you can see the brightness better - - - - here are the pics I took,



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I belong to a buying group simular to "Groupon" called Brad's deals and this was offered through them. It was from the following website. I did get a bit of a better deal on price, but this still isn't a bad deal. The light is super bright and is what I need to see well. Here is the web address:

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