Wholecloth to float the tops or not???

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Getting into some great wholecloth designs. A couple of instructors

extradonnaire, namely Helen and Shirley, have advised to starch, starch, starch

to death a wholecloth design to minimize the amount of movement and relailgnment

when quilting a wholecloth (did I get this right Helen and Shirley?). Rather

than email them privately, I have decided to open this topic to discussion.

When thinking this through, I usually float my tops and batting, but if equal

tension and heavy starch is in order, do it not seen more reasonable to tension

the quilt top (at the bottom after basting the top to the backing) to provide

more equal tension throughout as well as starch this top heavily?

Your thoughts and advice are most appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Prescott, AZ


Mesa/Prescott AZ

2012 Freddie Blissed

2008 Millie

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