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I just took the plunge and purchased the Freedom. I won't be seeing it delivered for a couple of months. Husband has to finish the loft first. I've been quilting for about ten years and was always creating smaller quilts because I didn't like the hassle of machine quilting, dragging the quilts under the machine macine and never being satisfied with the end result. Didn't want to send the quilt top out to have it quilted because I wanted the "whole" quilt to be made by me. So after looking at various machines I had put the notion away of owning a long-arm. Then a couple of weeks ago, a postcard came announcing the APQS roadshow and so the rest is history. While I'm waiting for the machine, are there any books or magazine that can be recomended? I'd love to read all I can about long-arms to be prepared.

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West Virginia? My Dad was born there. ^_^

Welcome to the best place on the internet for advice, encouragement, laughter, and friendship.

You made a great choice.

There are several books about buying a longarm and using it--as well as how to start a business if you so choose.

Linda Taylor, Gina Perkes, Carol Thelen, and many others have written books--check ebay and Amazon for the best prices.

Don't overwhelm yourself and don't assume that the techniques presented in these book are the only way to go.

Don't buy a lot of design books yet unless something sings to you. If you aspire to do wholecloths, get a book to dream with. If you want to start with overall designs, look at Suzanne Early's meandering books. Darlene Epp's trilogy is a standard of the industry (and a great thing to ask for for Christmas!)

Any and all questions can be asked here any time of day. Don't be shy--there's always someone here to help and Iowa is a phone call away if you get really stuck.

APQS has unquestionably the best customer service in the industry.

Let the fun begin!!

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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