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I have a small piece of thread left in the bobbin holder on the bottom of the machine. Not the bobbin case but the part that holds that. I got it cleaned out once and started sewing again and it happened again. So I'm thinking there is some still stuck in there. Can i take out the grey piece that holds it? or is there a way to clean this area?

I'm pretty new and trying to learn all the "correct" ways. :rolleyes:

Thank you,

Lisa in MO

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Lisa, do NOT take the hook assembly apart. Best way to loosen thread or other junk in that area is to thoroughly soak the hook assembly in WD-40, even allowing it to sit overnight, then spin it out and clean/re-oil as usual. Give APQS service a call - they can walk you through further steps. Good luck!!

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Guest Linda S

I have also used a piece of Glide Dental Floss (not to be confused with Glide thread) to get gunk out from the side of the hook. Of course, I did this after I had already called APQS Parts and ordered a new hook, as I was sure mine was permanently damaged. I shredded the dental floss in there a few times, but kept at it (along with some WD40) and eventually had all of the snags gone. I then oiled, and it's been find ever since. Sometimes things just get really dirty. (I wonder how that happens?!?). :P

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