Need advise on pricing 2007 Freedom SR

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I am downsizing and selling one of quilting machines. I am actually selling it to a family member so it is important for me to ask the right price since I want to be fair to both of us. The 2007 SR Freedom machine is in excellent condition. It has motor feed and hydrolic lifts. It sits on a 12 foot table. It will not include my bobbin winder since I need it for my other machine. I sure would appreciate any advise anyone has to offer.

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I bought my 2007 Freedom SR last spring and paid $11,000 I believe. It had the professional lighting with it, the newer table, and no hydraulic lifts. Not sure if this was a good price or not, but I'm happy now that I bought the Bliss rails!!

Mine was not really "excellent" condition...I think it had been a training machine for a longarm teacher. The canvas leaders are all holey (large holes) from what appears to be a cat clawing at it for years on end. It took several rolls of lint roller to get the cat hair off....And I don't use the lighting. I should resell that to someone who would use it....

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