OMG You won't believe what happened to me now!!

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I Broke my ANKLE!! it is 6 to 8 weeks of sleeping on the couch and trying to manuever around my downstairs (I can't get up the stairs either!!) with a pair of crutches or a walker with wheels (that got it has a seat!) I broke my Right Ankle and have really bad artheritis in my Left Knee - DARN that hurts!!!

Yes I'm looking for sympathy ! I cannot stand at the machine and quilt for at least 2 weeks, maybe MORE. Well I have crazy quilting I can do. But what little revenue I was going to get is not going to happen now. Oh well... that's the way the ankle colapses. (goof ball). I just thought I'd let everyone know. This shoudl give me plenty of time to re-find my photos. :) silver linings everywhere!

Hugs to everyone.


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Guest Linda S

Ouch! Have you seen the little scooters you can kneel on? You put the knee with your injured foot on the scooter and push yourself around with the other leg. Much easier to get around. Wish they had had those long ago when I had multiple ankle surgeries.

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OH NO! You do have my sympathy. There isn't ever a good time to break an ankle but over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays must be one of the worst. Can you scoot up the stairs backwards, one step at a time, while sitting and lifting yourself with your arms and left leg? I hope that make sense. Give yourself plenty of time to heal and don't rush back to quilting until the dr. tells you it is OK to be back on your feet.

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Oh my! There is never a good time for things like this to happen, but this time of year makes it that much more difficult. I did the same thing a number of years ago. I found that after the throbbing pain subsides and the mending is well underway, I was able to stand with my knee on an office chair. Perhaps that will work for you in front of your LA. In the meantime, take care and soak up as much sympathy as you can get!! :D Prayers for a quick and easy recovery.

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