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Space needed for 12' Table and Millennium

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if you plan to quilt from the back of the machine...and want that side against a wall...then better plan on at least 12 feet.

actually...i guess it really doesn't matter...i have mine set up with the front facing the wall...and still have 12 feet minimum.

i figured it this way...3' space + machine + 3' space (minumum)

the table is less than 4' wide...but with the machine pushed all the way to the rear...i figured about 6'.

i actually have a 17' deep room...and gives me plenty of space to quilt in.

did i confuse you?? or does this help?

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You'll need about 9' by 15' for ease of movement around the table. One end can go up against a wall if necessary and a fabric advance will add another foot to the side. There have been many creative solutions to a tight space. Side-to-side can be extended by placing one end in a closet. For tight width some use a mechanics wheeled creeper to go under a frame that is tight against two walls. :o

Front to back solutions range from never using the back side (!) to putting the table on casters to move it out as needed to stitch pantos. Diagonal placement in a room has also allowed a machine where otherwise it would be impossible.

Good luck--great choice of machine!

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