My prize giant vanda is in bloom again

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This time I got 3 spikes and it just started to bloom, just in time for the Holidays. She will be in full bloom during Christmas. I have been babying this orchid for months, spraying with fertilizers and watering every other day. Just watching the growth every day. And look what my efforts have reeped me :) :) LOL! I moved it to my front door where everyone will be able to enjoy it's beauty.



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Guest Linda S

Oh that is so pretty! I have some small orchids that are on the shelf above my kitchen sink, but I think they will not bloom this year. Usually, by this time, they have a stalk with a flower head coming up. Maybe i didn't feed them correctly this year.

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Awesome! Mine are not doing as well. Usually blooms twice a year and this last time it lost its main stem and one leaf. I still have three leaves but is very stagnant. The the one that my husband bought me is not doing anything either. Not sure why. I may need to consult you on what fertilizer is best and the regiment you did for yours so I do not loose them. The first one is 8 years old and the other one I have only had for one year.

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