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Why I Needed George's Help...King Bedspread finished!

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Guest Linda S

Beautiful work! I am always so impressed with people who do sit-down quilting. I did about four quilts on my DSM before buying my longarm, and it was sheer torture. I know the George makes it easier than a standard sewing machine, but I am in awe. Very nice!

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Thank you, all, for not only your comments in this post but for all those other topic comments that have helped me adjust to new life with George. We've been together for almost 6 months but I'm even happier now than I was the day he arrived! Funny, but I love the fact that the on/off switch is located behind the machine. Its easy enough to reach, but it means I have to give George a little hug each morning and each night just to show him some appreciation for a job well-done!

As Diane said, "Isn't it fabulous when the final product exceeds your expectations." How absolutely true! I held back for years while struggling to mentally justify the expense and physically struggled with quilting the "really big ones" before I decided that George would probably be a good fit. He's not only fit in, he's made himself a permanent, indispensible fixture. Not that I don't admire all the stand-up table models, too, but George just wiggled his well-shaped butt right into my existing sewing room and went to work. Yes, he had to train me a bit on thread and needle choices and thread path, but the improvements has been so worth the investment.

About this finished quilt...what can I say except that obviously I was enjoying myself SO much that I just didn't know when to stop!

May all your quilting days bring you equal pleasure!

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Thanks so much for sharing your amazing quilting with us. I remember well the first six months of MY honeymoon with MY George...It was NOT all lollipops and roses. We're BFF's now and living happily ever after but I'm glad to hear that you and your George have hit it off like this. Please continue to inspire us all with your work. Nancy in Tucson

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